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Week 20

on 20 July 2019                                                    @DIY Lab

Today we started doing survey of  solutions available in market  for doctors consultation, electricity cut off problem of farmer and food computer.We discussed the path and decided which step we are going to take instantly at the starting of project. For artificial doctor project we have decided to start with single health issue (ex.cough or fever or etc) as we will proceed we will add more things.

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Week 19

on 13th July                            @DIY Lab

New team members are enrolled in REDX today. It was nice interaction with enthusiastic minds. New problem areas are defined from agriculture and health domain and teams are get formed to work on below problems- relative weather prediction, food computer, artificial doctor , seed plotter.


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Week 18

On 22 June 2019

In this session, we discussed parameters required for Advanced information to farmer. Also discussed how we get all the data & decide where we have to visit.

In afternoon session going to meet expert from Agro-one.


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Week 15

@ BAIF                1 June 2019

Today we visited BAIF for taking measurement of Vayu Biogas installed in BAIF.

We took measurements for installation of our TpH System.

At the time of visit we decided installation point of TpH system & discussed about various ideas of mechanisms for taking readings of Temp., pH & CO2.

We know that pH sensor should be continuously inserted in KCl so there is need to develop a system in such a way which will insert pH & temp. sensor in water & then in slurry. As per requirement we finalized the idea after brainstorming.